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Published: 02nd December 2011
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Ancient Moods Ltd. is located in the center of Shanghai and was established with the aim to share many of the bountiful ancient treasures that are inherent to the Oriental cultural influence.

From our extensive and continuously updated portfolio collection we make every effort to carefully select those goods that we feel will offer a truly unique flavor of the ancient moods that encompass over 6,000 years of rich cultural heritage in Asia.

From classic and elegant Asian garment wear to unique home decorative furnishings we guarantee that you will feel the level of satisfaction that we can deliver to your very home doorstep. We are continuously searching the Asian markets to find that special piece of cultural insight that we believe can enrich your personal and home surroundings.

So from all of us here at Ancient Moods to our worldwide clientele, we look forward to serving you with enthusiasm and hope that you will each enjoy the variety of our Asian delicacies and embrace them with equal delight.

Chinese Clothing
Most of our clothing is well tailored at our Ancient Moods factory, combining modern and traditional artistic designs.
We maintain a traditional tailor made process where most items are finished by individual Chinese tailors.
We pay extra attention to detail for intricate silk embroidery to maintain the elegance of our creation. Choosing the high quality Chinese silk fabric, Chinese brocade fabric, Chinese cotton/linen for our traditional Chinese clothing collections. Our wide range of Chinese Clothing, i.e. Kung Fu Suits, Chinese jackets, Chinese Suits, Cheongsams, Qipao’s, Chinese Dresses, Traditional Chinese wedding outfits, Chinese Pajamas, and Prom Dresses, both ready-made as well as custom made are suitable for Men, Women, and Children, of all ages and sizes.
For both, Formal to Informal wear, Ancient Moods offers apparel for every occasion and remains committed to delivering unique Chinese fashion and Oriental fashion at exceptional prices. From Cheongsam to Kung Fu matching sets, we are certain that you will find that special Chinese clothing that you've been looking for.

Accessories and Jewelry
Our collection of accessories and Jewelry are carefully handpicked by our dedicated staff in order to fulfill all the needs of our clients.
Our selection of unique Asian and Chinese outfit accessories and Jewelry include a wide range of products that will prove most desirable for our selected clientele. From Tibetan Jewelry to Jade Jewelry, , Chinese brocade handbags, Silk scarves and shawls, silk ties, we also offer accessories to embellish your wardrobe.

Chinese Arts and Gifts
Ancient Moods offers a wide range of Chinese Art works and Chinese Home Décor items for house furnishing with Chinese ethnic fusion feeling. Our Chinese Arts and gifts products with the aim to satisfy all your rustic demands. Let yourself be captivated by our unique selection of oriental articles for house or office that will add that extra touch of Oriental moods that you've been looking for. Every product is also an unique piece of gift to give to the person you love. We offer a beautiful selection of unique handpicked Oriental products for your viewing pleasure and appreciation. Our selections include offers from Chinese Carving crafts, Chinese Handicrafts, Chinese paintings, Chinese Fans, seal carvings, Chinese table cloth, Chinese Cushion covers, Tea Coaters, Elegant Chinese Chopsticks to Art stands etc., All our collection encompass over 6000 years of rich cultural heritage in Asia. This section offers a wide range of products dedicated to fulfilling all your oriental tastes. Perfect choices for gifts for home and office.

Chinese Tailor

We have a team of Chinese tailors offers you the most efficient tailor services online for not only Chinese style clothing, Chinese dresses qipao, cheongsam, men and women Chinese mandarin jackets, but as well any lady’s fashion, men’s suit and shirt. We also provide service for the prom dresses and wedding dress to be custom made. There’s a lot more we can do for you as long as you bookmark us as your favorite online shopping website.

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